Hero again!

YoYoYo dudes! How are u? Cuz today I came back from amazing convention with other countries! expecially
Slavic countries~vs~Murica* ;D

((Hi guys! ;D Murica here! I was at a convention animatsuri in Warsaw. c:
It was great meeting @_@ Here I put a few pictures. The greater part will be later, when a professional photographer will send them to me. There will be: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Prussia and England! Have a nice day! ;D))

thefluffysheepy asked:

USA Hurricane Arthur vs. Peaceful Polish Weather. =w=

hetalia-alfredfjones answered:

((ahahah yes XD In Poland we have really nice weather =w= so hooot =q= Now mun going to go sunbathing on the beach hahaha >D but this hurricane… Arthur… omg XD Hetalians screaming XD expecially USUK fans ahahahah XD))


Especially since Arthur will be attacking FLORIDA e7e Ehehehehehe~
And yes, let’s rejoice in our Swiss-like warm weather while America deals with the Artie. u7u

((yeahh… Florida… >///<))